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    Pressure Washing Reading

    Reading has an excellent mix of new developments and period homes, dating as far back as the Georgian period – 1714 to 1830. In short, it certainly is a heritage worth keeping. At Pressure Washing Reading, we are doing what we can to ensure residential and commercial properties around here always look their best irrespective of their age.

    Our Reading Pressure Washing team has a combined experience between them, running into decades of excellent cleaning work. Therefore, whether it is house washing, window cleaning, driveway cleaning, or deck and fence cleaning, we have the right equipment to clean and restore all your surfaces.


    What’s unique about our pressure washing services is that no job is too big or too small for us. Moreover, our team remains dedicated to small house cleaning jobs as it is in massive commercial pressure washing projects. Our cleaning solutions’ quality is evident in the results we achieve and even more in the feedback that we get from our happy and satisfied Reading clients.

    While it is true that the success of commercial and household cleaning tasks depends on the cleanser you choose, we believe that some films and stains can’t go that easily. For instance, in some of our residential pressure washing jobs, we’ve come across homeowners struggling to remove stains that are tightly bound to surfaces. Others almost wear themselves out trying to hand scrub large areas or dirt and stains.

    Most of these cases may sound familiar to you. Therefore, if that is what you are going through now, the solution is right here – Reading jet washing and pressure washing services. We have both the power and the technique to get the job done right the first time.

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    Reading Pressure Washing Process

    Requirement Brief

    Firstly, we take the necessary time to discuss what our clients need before planning the project. At this stage, we will discuss all the project’s unique attributes, such as site access and time preferences.

    Project Estimate

    Having understood your Reading pressure cleaning needs, we quickly work out a free no-obligation estimate for you. Above all, our appraisals are accurate, and we always stick by them to avoid cases of budget overruns.

    Site Visit

    Once we agree on the Reading cleaning project, we make arrangements to visit the project site. In other words, we will inspect the surfaces that require cleaning during our visit, including damaged surfaces that require specialised attention. After that, we do a test clean-up to feel what it will be like on the actual power washing day.

    Our Valued Customers

    We have customised our portfolio of services with our Reading residential and commercial clients‘ needs in mind. Here is what to expect from us.

    • Roof cleaning
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Deck and fence cleaning
    • Driveway cleaning
    • Wall cleaning
    • Patio cleaning

    Before going into the detail of the services we provide, allow us to briefly walk you through our main service segments: residential and commercial pressure washing Reading.

    Residential Power Washing

    As a Reading homeowner, you’ll concur with us that buying a home is one of the most significant capital expenditures you’ll ever incur in your lifetime. As such, it is understandable to spend every ounce of your strength to try and enhance its curb appeal. However, in the face of accumulated layers of dirt, dust, and stains, this can be an uphill task.

    For instance, some homeowners have gone to the extent of replacing their sidings, while all they needed was a thorough Reading house washing. Our wall washing professionals understand how to deal with algae stains, black streaks, and other unsightly build-ups that give your house a not-so-good appearance.

    Moreover, our Reading Pressure Washing techniques are ultra-modern. They combine the benefits of low-pressure jets with the effects of hot water to clean up any stubborn blemishes. Whether you are doing the cleaning as a preparation to put your house up for sale or to restore its surfaces, trust us to get the job done perfectly.

    Commercial Pressure Washing

    Your commitment to your customers’ welfare and service can be expressed in many ways, one of which is your premises’ cleanliness. At Pressure Washing Reading, we know that you work extra hard to keep your business running. As a result, to complement your efforts, we offer you tailored commercial power washing services to keep your premises looking their best while you concentrate on your core business.

    In other words, there is no surface we cannot clean. Whether it is concrete, wooden, granite, or any other you may have, we can help you restore its beam, shine, and sparkle. Don’t wait for gum, dirt, grime, and fluid spills to ruin your surfaces. Be proactive and get in touch with us for a professional clean up of your entryways, driveway, parking lot, and sidewalks.

    Our pressure washing system is powerful and can dislodge any dirt and stubborn stains in a couple of minutes. In short, the Reading Power Washing team won’t leave your premises until they see that sparkle on your surfaces.

    We clean a wide range of commercial properties, some of which include:

    • Buildings – We clean the exterior surfaces of buildings as high as five stories.
    • Restaurants – Restaurants are generally high traffic businesses. To take care of that, we have specialised equipment to help you keep their insides and outsides clean.
    • Convenience stores – Many convenience stores in Reading attend to hundreds of customers. It makes cleanliness an absolute must, not just for appearance, but also for hygiene and safety measures.

    All our Power Washing Reading detergents are industry-grade, which assures you of brighter, cleaner, and attractive commercial spaces.

    Call us today for enquiries and free consultations.

    Alternatively, you can also fill our form at the top of the page for a free pressure washing estimate.

    Our Services

    Roof Cleaning

    Roof Cleaning in Reading using pressure washing

    Roofs are prone to black streaks and green moss. At Reading Power Washing, we have helped hundreds of homeowners save money and time by cleaning up their roof systems. We have the right chemicals and equipment to get rid of all sizes of Gloeocapsa Magma algae colonies. It helps prevent algae growth from eating away your surfaces, thus lengthening your roof system’s lifespan.

    We combine algaecide with low-pressure cleaning techniques to neutralise and wipe off any growth on your roof. Moreover, our Reading team also cleans up any dirt and stubborn stains, leaving your roof looking as good as new.

    Gutter Cleaning

    Gutter Cleaning performed by Reading Pressure Washing

    While inspecting gutters in Reading, we have been amazed at the degree of clogging and blocking most homes have suffered. For instance, drainages clogged by leaves, pine straws, and an assortment of other debris have become a familiar scene. Little do some property owners know, such blockages create rainwater channels to seep behind gutters right into foundations and basements. Ultimately, this affects the integrity of buildings.

    Our wall cleaning team in Reading uses state-of-the-art equipment to help unclog the gutters. Using pressure washers, we flush out any remaining debris leaving you with clean gutters and a functional drainage system.

    Driveway Cleaning

    Reading Driveway Cleaning using pressure washing with a whirlaway

    Stains on your driveway are not just an eyesore but can also weaken the surface. While most people use garden hoses to clean their Reading driveways, we recommend pressure washers because of their speed and efficiency. For instance, our power washers are portable and either run on gas or electricity. Thanks to their powerful engines and water pumps, they can pressurise water to jets out with an incredible force onto the surface you want to clean. 

    Firstly, our cleaning experts clear the driveway surface to get rid of stone dirt and any loose material. After that, we also determine the highest end of your drive and the direction of water flow to know where to begin the cleaning. As soon as we complete the surface preparation, we apply a degreaser to loosen the stains and get our pressure washer to clean off the surface. What differentiates us is that we go beyond the ordinary by using sealants to help ward off any future stains. Not all companies doing pressure washing in Reading offer this after-cleaning service.

    Deck And Fence Cleaning

    Deck and Fence cleaned using pressure washer

    We take pride in the fact that our surface cleaning system always gives decks and fences dramatic results. Our Reading jet washing experts have recorded tremendous success in getting rid of mould, algae, moss, and bacteria. In other words, it gives your fence and decks a new lease of life.

    When cleaning wooden decks and fences, we use high-quality cleaners that penetrate the wood to lift the dirt off. After that, we then rinse away the cleaner with our power washers, leaving your deck surfaces spick-and-span.

    Window Cleaning

    Window Cleaning in Reading using pressure washing

    We use time-tested methods and sophisticated wall cleaning fluids to ensure your windows are sparkling clean and clear for maximum visibility. When you enlist the services of our Reading roof and window washing experts, you can be assured that you’ll save not just your time, but you’ll also have peace of mind. Above all, we endeavour to present your residence or business in the best possible light.

    We go beyond the lint-free materials and detergents that other Reading home cleaning companies use. For instance, our professionals use jet washing and pressure washing when dealing with stubborn stains. Using specialised residential and commercial pressure washing, we clean both sides of the windows. Also, we offer builders cleaning services for renovation or construction sites.

    Wall Cleaning

    Wall Cleaning in Reading using a pressure washing

    Keeping your walls looking clean and fresh is as important as cleaning the other surfaces in your home or office. At Pressure Washing Reading, we have the best wall cleaning equipment and techniques to help you get rid of accumulated dust, marks, and stains on your surfaces. All year round, your walls battle the rains, humidity, and high winds, among other elements. It leads to an accumulation of dirt and grime, which can potentially attack your painted wall surface.

    Moreover, mildew, algae and mould also tend to settle on exposed walls, thereby necessitating targeted wall washing services.  Consequently, our wall cleaning experts recommend that you should have your walls cleaned at least once every year. When cleaning your wall surfaces, our pressure washer technicians will use telescope poles and extensions to clean hard to reach areas. Irrespective of your wall material, our Pressure Washing in Reading guarantees you the best results.

    Patio Cleaning

    Patio Cleaning in Reading using pressure washing

    Patios require regular maintenance to keep looking as stunning as they were when first constructed. That is why we highly recommend a routine brushing to help you get rid of dirt and loose stains from patio surfaces. However, when dealing with stubborn dirt and stains, you require a change of tack. It is where our Reading patio cleaning services come in handy. 

    We specialise in removing lichen, algae, moss, and various fungi types that often build-up and stain patio surfaces. Instead of using soapy water or vinegar, we use powerful pressure washers. Our professionals always maintain a delicate balance between the water pressure and the force your surface can withstand. In short, we are here for all the seasons, and we know exactly what you need for a clean and good-looking patio.

    Why Choose Our Cleaning Services in Reading

    How well your residential cleaning is done depends on whom you hire for the job. If the dirt or dust isn’t much, you can comfortably clean it on your own. However, if it is layers upon layers of dirt and stained surfaces, we recommend that you get in touch with us. DIY won’t help you much. No cleaning scenario is new to us. We have been doing power washing services in Reading for close to a decade now. Our experts know how to mix the solvents and chemicals to give you a squeaky-clean surface. We only use certified products suitable for the surfaces to be cleaned. You’ll also be happy to know that we have invested in environmentally friendly technologies to help you minimise and eliminate any exposure to toxic substances.

    Locally owned and managed

    Having a locally owned and operated company in Reading handle your cleaning services is the best choice you can make. As a company, we understand what homeowners and businesses need in this historic town. We are also here for you anytime you need our services or when looking for quick consultations.

    Qualified professionals

    We train our professionals regularly to bring them up to speed with industry developments. Many of them have had the privilege of being certified by renowned power washing equipment manufacturers and chemical companies. You are, therefore, looking at a team of accomplished cleaning professionals.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We do not sign off any project until our customers are 100% satisfied. Thanks to our combined years of expertise and experience, we have built a capacity to deliver truly exceptional projects. Right from our choice of pressure washing equipment to how we clean your surfaces, every step is methodical.

    Reliable and Fully Insured

    We offer complete Reading Jet Washing services that begin from the moment you set up an appointment with us, to the final inspection. We are also fully insured. Our policies cover our business and clients to the tune of £5 million. It goes a long way to give you peace of mind knowing that no claim or loss will fall on you in case of any eventuality.

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